September, 2017 Harvest Time

Autumn is the most important and busiest season here in the Langhe. The towns hold their wine and harvest festivals, the wineries swing open the doors for wine tastings, and there is a whole lot of eating that needs to be done.  All the cool breezy weather this summer has brought on an early grape harvest and the farmers started harvesting the Chardonnay late last week. Each grape varietal is on its own ripening schedule and it’s fairly predictable what grape type gets harvested when in relation to the others. As my very first siting of the season, I saw a tractor pulling a trailer full of Chardonnay grapes to a large cantina in Alba early Saturday morning. There is a lot of excitement around town and everybody’s talking about the harvest. Last week I heard an old man in the butcher shop ask a little boy if he was excited for the harvest as one might ask a child if he is excited for Santa Claus. The boy really didn’t look excited though. One more thing, which is charming and exasperating at the same time, your kids can sometimes be late for school due to traffic being slowed by the blue tractors tooling around the one lane roads with their trailers full of grapes.

We harvested our grapes last Tuesday. Here are the photos from our harvest. Mary Beth Gaiarin